La única persona que probablemente odie los lujos y prefiera vivir en la selva es youtuber y se llama Freelee «The Banana Girl»

Conseguir el éxito en YouTube no es algo sencillo. A pesar de los múltiples tips y consejos que puedes seguir para ello, no existe ninguna fórmula mágica que te asegure conseguir miles de millones de suscriptores o muchísimos views en el contenido que te dediques a crear y subir.

Sin embargo, a pesar de estos casos existen quienes sí tienen todo lo necesario para decir que YouTube les ha cambiado la vida de forma positiva, trayéndoles tanto ingresos como fama. Por ejemplo, una de ellas podría ser la australiana Leanne Ratcliffe, aka Freelee »The Banana Girl». 

Con más de 10 años de experiencia en el mundo del blogueo y un canal con casi 800 mil suscriptores, Freelee ha conseguido números bastante buenos a raíz de simplemente dar a conocer su estilo de vida. Por ejemplo, gran parte de su línea de contenidos está dedicada al veganismo, algo que le ha permitido mantenerse sana y con juventud a sus 37 años de vida actuales.

It's not easy to round out the past 1.5 years in a short status update, but I can try. The truth is I've faced some of the most difficult and fruitful times of my life. I left an unhealthy situation and felt the heart-crushing betrayal from the one I loved and trusted most. I was totally numb at one point, trying to understand my part in it all. I developed temporary health issues related to deep psychological stress. At the same time this profound strength was awakened within. As dramatic as it sounds, I felt like I was being resusitated and given a second chance at life. I was finally free. I realised it wasn't really love, it was codependency, and we were both better people apart. During this time I also experienced a joy I didn't know existed, with my new partner, my surroundings, my life direction. As painful as it's been,I wouldn't change a thing about my past. It's now an important part of who I am, and how I function today. Be grateful for your pain. #gofreeyourself

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De todas maneras, tal parece que la vida de lujos que fácilmente podía tener a las ganancias junto a YouTube no son lo suyo. Esto lo decimos en vista de la decisión que tomó: irse a vivir a la selva junto a su novio. Sí, a la selva tal y como lo lees.

Puntualmente, hace un año atrás tomó esta decisión y hasta el momento, evidentemente, toda su rutina cambió. Ella y su pareja no tienen mayor civilización al alcance, a duras penas usan algo de ropa -o de plano no usan nada para cubrirse- y solo se alimentan a partir de frutas y verduras.

La «vida de esclava» que cumplía trabajando cinco días a la semana también fue un detonante importante de este vuelvo de hábitat, y según medios como el Daily Mail todo esto le ha permitido ahorrarse unos 4 mil dólares anuales tan solo en compras de cosméticos y tratamientos estéticos.

I hear it a lot "You are so lucky to be living the life of your dreams! I wish I could do that…" The truth is you really can. It's not about luck; it's about the daily choices we make. At one point in my life, I really struggled, and was living below the poverty line. I was in debt and unsure of my future. A generous friend bought me a car for $700, where I sometimes slept. I would live in a tent on another friends property to save money. I began housesitting because I couldn't pay the rent. I used the library's free internet because I didn't have my own. I chose not to have kids which cost around 250k to raise. I gave up alcohol 12 years ago. I worked hard to create an income online. I now save thousands by not buying makeup, shavers, beauty treatments, jewellery, heels, and unnecessary fashion. My vegan diet is far cheaper than my old sad diet, it also keeps me healthy and away from expensive pharmaceuticals. We all make decisions in life based on our priorities, and as a result, create our reality ? Are your daily decisions bringing you closer to freedom, or further away? #gofreeyourself

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Evidentemente el tema de estar free -libre- es algo que se lo toma muy a pecho, y para muestra un par de citas -un tanto profundas- de los textos con los cuales acompaña sus imágenes selváticas:

“¿Que si ahora voy a estar desnuda en cada fotografía? Sí, desnuda en la jungla. Libre de ropa, etiquetas, zapatos, maquillaje y depilación. Simplemente, uno se siente bien”

“Quería inspirarme y sentir algo significativo todos los días”

I don't want to live in this 'World' anymore. A World where shopping at the mall for useless shit is more popular than cultivating your own food. A World where women are considered naturally ugly and need to be enhanced with makeup, painful fashion, 'beauty' treatments, and mutilating surgeries. Where fashion is more important than function. A World where it's considered normal to use and abuse other animals… No, I don't need to know who trump is threatening to airstrike next week, or the gruesome details of the latest school shooting. I'm not interested in who won 'Dancing with the stars' or flopped in American Idol. I couldn't care less who Taylor Swift is dating this month or about Kylie Jenners latest sexy selfie… SO. MUCH. NOISE. What happened to us??…? The truth, it seems, has been smothered by the lovely Kim K's ass. ? Remember, this is NOT actually the 'real World' but a contrived manipulated version served to us for profit and distraction. The beauty is that you can create your own oasis amongst the trash. I'm creating a new World that is free of TV programming, harmful cultural practices and useless modern distractions. Sure, I will always have one foot in the old World but my dependency becomes less and less by the day. All I need is my health, nature, nutritious plant foods, close genuine bonds, and a strong purpose in life. What World are you creating? #gofreeyourself

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¿Crees que tú también pudieses optar por este estilo de vida y renunciar por completo a ciertos lujos? Por nuestro lado no nos creemos tan fuertes como para conseguirlo, y en realidad no nos lamentamos, #sorrynotsorry.